The Synthetic Roof Underlayment Institute (SRUI) is a new association committed to bettering market awareness and quality standards for synthetic roof underlayments (SUL’s) in “steep slope” roof applications. Your membership in SRUI will help our industry achieve the following goals:

1. Develop “good practices” and guidelines specific to differing final roof coverings.

2. Improve on current testing standards for our products.

3. Provide confidence to the marketplace with clearly defined SUL standards.

4. Develop new ASTM testing standards specific to the unique characteristics of SUL’s.

5. Give meaning to the SRUI logo as a standard of expectation from the roofing and building community.

We are in exciting times for our industry and its growth potential. Membership in SRUI will assure the market place of consistency in quality expectations and a basis for comparison between different manufacturers.

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