SRUI, the Synthetic Roofing Underlayment Institute, was created in 2014 in response to the building industry’s  need for clarity, standards and best practices regarding mechanically fastened synthetic roofing underlayment.  Since their introduction to the building trade, synthetic roofing underlayments have provided the industry with a superior solution to conventional saturated roofing felt.  However, with the lack of clearly defined performance standards for synthetic roofing underlayments, many users are confused when comparing and choosing an appropriate product for their application. In response, SRUI was formed to address these issues within the building industry by collaborating with other industry associations and organizations to establish “best practice” protocols for a synthetic underlayment solution.

Mission Statement
Promoting the benefits of synthetic underlayment usage in the building industry with the development and support of performance standards through awareness and guidance.

SRUI’s aim is to:

  • Collaborate with leading Industry associations to identify best practices and requirements for performance based underlayments.
  • Educate the roofing and building industries in the proper design, engineering and installation of premium synthetic roof underlayments.
  • Create performance-based standards for synthetic roof underlayments by establishing industry standard benchmarks and working to develop elevated performance based standards.